5kW Reverse Cycle Q Series Spli[ Sys[em (Rinnai) Air Condi[ioners

5kW Reverse Cycle Q Series Split System [Rinnai] Air Conditioners

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Keep your family room and living areas summer cool and winter warm with the Rinnai Q Series 5.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner. 

With a powerful heating and cooling output, this modern air conditioning system creates ultimate comfort by providing volumes of air with distances reaching up to 15 metres. 

Equipped with a more eco-friendly, energy efficient R32 refrigerant and featuring convenient Wi-Fi control, programmable timer, you’ll feel right at home.

Take comfort knowing the Rinnai Q Series 5.0 kW Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner will reliably perform in temperature extremes of -15°C to 52°C, so you can relax wherever you live.

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